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27 January, 2012

Teen Lesbians

This blonde girl is taking her own amateur photography to the next level as she found a willing lesbian model to come over to her place and let her take some naughty pictures with her. At first the new model was hesitant to show her naked body beneath her trench coat but with a little coaxing from her blonde friend she comes in and opens her jacket and shows her large breasts and her toned stomach. With a little more encouragement from her blonde friend this babe opens her jacket all the way and shows her lushest breasts and her pretty shaved twat.

27 January, 2012

Lesbian Girlfriends

Blondie has a very very lucky boyfriend because she likes to play with another girlfriend while she plays with him. He has told all his friends how lucky he is and they want to see proof because they think he is full of shit. He has both girls pose on the couch in their lingerie. Her friend starts to remove Blondie’s bra and they start touching each other and caressing one another’s sexy bodies. Their legs start to become intertwined as they begin making out with each other. Kissing with passion and caressing each other’s breasts. This lucky stud will have all the proof that he needs.

26 January, 2012

Busty Girls Self Shoot

This babe girl is working hard to get her boyfriend an extra special birthday surprise. It has always been his secret fantasy to have a threesome with another hot girl. So she starts off by inviting her friend over while he is at work. The two of them use a camera to snap a bunch of pictures of themselves in the mirror while they slowly remove their clothes. The girlfriend then takes over the camera and takes pictures of her friend. Her plan is to show her boyfriend the pictures and let him guess what his extra special birthday present is.