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27 January, 2012

Sexy Self Shots

This amateur hottie is snapping some self shot pics of herself in the mirror with her digital camera. These pictures are going to be an anniversary gift for her boyfriend. She hopes that these sexy pictures will be the final straw that pushes him over the edge and makes him leave his wife for her. She tries to be as sexy as possible as she starts taking her pictures while she strips out of her clothes. She lowers her shirt and takes several pictures of her large sexy breasts and her perfect sized nipples. She does not remove her panties because she wants him to come and take them off himself.

26 January, 2012

Bald Pussy

This sexy dark haired beauty agreed to let her boyfriend photograph her naked as long as he promised to keep the pictures private for his eyes only. Little did she know that as soon as he took the pictures of her hot little naked body he uploaded to this site to show the world what a beautiful piece of ass he has! She started by stripping out of her clothes and the she teasingly removed her panties. Once naked she spread her legs completely apart and let her boyfriend take tons of pictures of her tight clean shaven pussy while she lay on her back.

26 January, 2012

Amateur Milf Photos

This hot milf started out by snapping a few pictures of herself in the mirror wearing a pair of skin tight jeans and a black with white polka dots bra. She is busy taking her pictures for her profile on Facebook when her husband walks into the room. He tells her that she needs to have a more high quality profile photo and pulls out his camera and starts taking the pictures for her. One thing leads to another and she starts stripping out of her clothes while he takes more pictures of her sexy body and mommy nipples.