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27 January, 2012

Schoolgirl Girlfriend

This horny schoolgirl girlfriend is supposed to be working on her homework so she can finish school but she gets easily distracted as she spots a webcam connected to the computer and gets a great idea. She will take some sexy pictures to surprise her honey at work. She starts by showing her massive breasts to the camera and then bending forward to show off her ass that is barely covered by her mini skirt. She takes off her shirt and pulls up her skirt and starts to finger her tight teen pussy. She lifts her ass right up next to the camera and shows her round ass and her shaved pussy.

27 January, 2012

Girlfriend Videos

This blondie girlfriend literally begged her boyfriend to take videos of her and post them to a site that shows off her sexy body. She has no problem showing off her tight pussy and her round tits. She does not care if anyone sees her completely naked or fully clothed. All she wants is to be seen. Her naked body on the bed with her legs spread while she works her hand down towards her wet pussy is just one of the poses her boyfriend took. She put on some sexy black and red lingerie and kneels on the bed holding the headboard and showing her ass as if to say “fuck me now”!

26 January, 2012

Shy Teen Girlfriend

This little hottie is supposed to be working at her boyfriend’s home office updating the record books while he is out working hard earning money. She decides to make him an extra special surprise when he gets home. She uses the webcam from the computer and starts stripping out of her clothes. She plans to set these stunning pictures as his screensaver so he will be surprised when he gets home. She strips down to her panties and crawls on the couch getting closer to the camera showing off her perky titties to her boyfriend. Little did she know that he was going to upload them to the internet as soon as he saw them.